The airlines

This guy is in a plane when he feels thirsty. He calls the stewardess and asks her politely for a Large Whiskey. There’s a parrot in the seat next to him, who snaps,”A double Scotch and make it quick”. “Yes, sir” the stewardess says, and quickly gets the bird his drink – but ignores the guy. The parrot downs his in one gulp, and says “gimme another”. The stewardess gets him a second drink, ignoring the guy again. The guy, meanwhile has been asking for his drink very politely. He decides to use the parrot’s tactics and snarls at the stewardess,”You @#*$# hag, get me my bloody Scotch!”. Suddenly a large co-pilot comes out of the cockpit and ejects both the guy and the parrot off the plane.

As they’re falling, the parrot turns to the guy and says “You know, you’re quite brave for someone who can’t fly…”.